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Welcome to the Power Design Center. Here you will find resources, tips and tools that will help you with your power design decisions by market, product type, and topology. This hub will be your key reference center whether you are a new or seasoned power engineer.

WEBENCH Power Designer


Designing a power supply can be a tedious task, but TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer seamlessly guides you through the four core activities: device selection, component customization, simulation, and exporting to physical design environments.…


Voltage Supervisors 101


Many people confuse voltage supervisors with voltage monitors, voltage detectors, and reset ICs; however, these devices are all the same. Learn about the basics with this Voltage Supervisors 101 training series.


Display University Training Series


In this on-demand training series, learn about a variety of LCD and OLED display power and backlighting design topics from TI experts. You can choose which curriculum best suits your needs and learn at your own pace through this series.



ESD Essentials Training Series


This series includes 6 videos on the basics of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Each video is less than five minutes, and covers the concepts you need to know before selecting the right ESD protection – like working voltages, capacitance, and how to assess ESD ratings in datasheets.



Basics of Power Switches


This application note highlights the different topologies within the power switch portfolio, and provides suggestions in choosing the correct solution for a faster design time.



Battery Management Deep Dive


TI’s battery experts have decades of experience. Our battery scientists bring cutting-edge solutions for new battery chemistries & technologies, from charging, gauging, monitoring, protection and more.



Fundamentals of Power Supply Design


Fundamentals of Power Supply Design draws upon decades of experience from Texas Instruments’ Power-Systems experts. It is written by Bob Mammano, a pioneer in the power supply industry and recognized as “the Father” of the Pulse…



Power Topologies Handbook


This book includes over 200 pages filled with all power-supply topology waveforms and equations, including 16 of the most common hard-switched power-supply topologies and the Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge.



TI Power Management Lab Kit


The Power Management Lab Kit series is comprised of five boards, each offering unique experiments and accompanied by an experiment lab book covering four key power topologies and case studies demonstrating different aspects of power supply design tradeoffs.



Power Supply Characteristics FAQs


Efficiency is the most important power supply characteristic affecting an electronic system’s operation, but other factors, such as output overcurrent, overtemperature, inrush current, output overvoltage, drift, dynamic response, line regulation, and load regulation, are also important.



World of Power


This series provides an overview of the World of Power by Market, by Standard, by Product Type and Topology. It also provides an overview of the design tips and tools related to power design decisions.



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